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Registered Mental
Health Nurses at Priory

Mental Health
Nurses at Priory

Most nurses enter the profession to make a real difference to people’s lives, and our Registered Mental Health nurses are no different. What sets them apart, however, are the incredible lengths they go to to make it happen.

We’re not going to lie. We deal with extraordinarily complex mental health disorders, and at times it can be a challenging, frustrating and dispiriting role. But when our patients do turn the corner, when you see a sign of progress, even if it’s just for a moment, that’s when every hour, day and week of effort is worth it. That’s when you realise you have achieved something incredible, in the most extraordinary job.

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What differentiates the Priory nursing environment is our clinical diversity. Across more than 40 locations we treat upwards of 80 complex disorders. You have the opportunity to develop a career at the very forefront of nursing practice in one or more of our key specialist areas.

Health (Private)

As market leaders in the provision of established, experienced and safe care, we improve wellness in the shortest possible time. Our bespoke therapeutic interventions cover a diverse range of disorders – from mindfulness to Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.

Health (NHS)

Our services are structured to align with the NHS, enabling both to deliver consistent treatment to patients. We take emergency placements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offer flexible treatment plans and have experienced and expert teams in all our facilities.

Secure and
Step Down Treatment

We’re a leading independent provider of forensic mental healthcare services. Providing individualised and flexible pathways across complex areas that include challenging behaviour, comorbidity, sex offending and arson.

Recovery Care

We incorporate positive behaviour support alongside therapeutic interventions, enabling our patients to determine their own care and have as independent, healthy and enjoyable lives as possible.


More patients have undergone addiction treatment at the Priory than at any other facility in the UK, putting us right at the forefront. Our world-class service extends to aftercare too, with 12 months patient and family support included in every treatment programme.


With an aim to reduce or end problem behaviours, our services include specialist Dialectical Behavioural Therapy programmes, female only units for the most vulnerable and bespoke care pathways in the least restrictive environments possible.


We’ve been providing Eating Disorder services since 1985 and have been at the leading edge ever since – regularly participating in national clinical quality forums to ensure our services are influencing and delivering the very latest in emerging treatments. 

Child and
Mental Health

Collaboration is a big part of our CAMHS approach. As well as integrating with Community CAMHS providers, we work with schools to ensure young people can maintain their education during their time with us and make a smooth transition back into school. 

Working at Priory

Through the extraordinary care we provide, not only are we helping our patients but also redefining the health, education and social care landscape in the UK. This wouldn’t be possible without the combined energy, expertise and effort of our nurses, so when we say we put our people first, we mean it.

As well as working alongside an industry-leading team that reflects the diversity of our work, you’ll experience a heavy investment in your training, first-class support, collaborative teamwork and the opportunity and resources to achieve your full potential.

What to expect

A collaborative culture, tailored training and ongoing professional development are just some of the things you may expect from an organisation at the forefront of its field, but perhaps what really sets us apart is a level of clinical variety rarely found in the NHS.

An environment like that brings challenge, diversity and responsibility, but it also offers you tremendous scope to use your initiative and develop your skills. Playing a vital leadership role on the ward, your expertise and ideas will help us continually evolve best practice and set new standards for the quality of patient care.

As you help define the futures of our patients, we’ll do the same for you with all the support, guidance and career development opportunities you need. Our open and accessible management team ensure there is ample face-to-face training and, where necessary, bespoke training to help you meet your ambitions.

Who we're looking for

We look for a range of qualities in our Registered Mental Health Nurses. Apart from the right qualifications and technical ability, we need compassionate professionals with the strength of personality and communication skills to excel in our often-demanding hospital environments. Whether you are currently working elsewhere or looking to return to practice, we can promise you an environment full of opportunity, interest, learning and innovation.

Learning & development

Learning and work go hand in hand at Priory Healthcare. From the moment our patients arrive at our hospitals and clinics, we are focused on helping them progress. But the only way we can achieve that is if we put our people’s development first. So unlike more traditional forms of career progression that would see you attend formal training sessions on an ad hoc basis, we take a dynamic and seamless approach to progression.

When you join us, you’ll complete our award-winning, bespoke e-learning programme, Foundations for Growth. After that you can expect performance support at every stage of your career, including support with your NMC revalidation. The scope of complexities we care for opens up unrivalled possibilities to develop in different specialisms, while there are also plenty of opportunities to gain formal qualifications. It’ll all depend on your role, but could include:

  • Diplomas in Health and Social Care and Children and Young People as part of our apprenticeship programmes
  • Preceptorships for newly qualified nurses
  • Externally accredited tailored programmes
  • The opportunity to become a trainer on your own site for job-related skills

How far and how fast you develop is down to you, your ambition and your performance, but if there’s something you want to achieve or a specialism you want to experience, we’ll do our best to make it happen.



While we’re proud that our services are recognised for clinical excellence, we believe there are always new standards to be set that will see both our nurses and our patients thrive. So we continually look to do things better, to review best practice and challenge out-dated approaches. The result is a dynamic, stimulating and evolving environment that keeps us at the pinnacle of treatment and care-led trends and solutions.


For some, it’s knowing they have made a difference to people’s lives. For others, it’s working at the very forefront of their field. Everyone values different things in their working life, which is why we offer a flexible benefits package that is tailored to you. We wouldn’t be able to do any of the incredible work we do without you, so this is our way of saying thank you. Here’s just some of what’s on offer:

  • A competitive salary.
  • Up to 25 days annual leave, plus Bank holidays and an extra day off for your birthday.
  • Pension scheme with a Priory contribution.
  • SMART Pensions option – You opt for a slightly smaller salary and we pay an additional contribution into your pension.
  • SMART Childcare Vouchers – A tax efficient salary sacrifice scheme with vouchers paid for by reducing your gross salary.
  • Cyclescheme – Get a tax-free bike and equipment and pay monthly from your salary, generating a cost saving of up to 42%.
  • Just Drive scheme – A salary sacrifice scheme that delivers you a brand new car (insured, fully serviced and maintained) while saving Tax and National Insurance on your monthly payments.
  • Benefits For You – Over 8000 retailers to choose from, offering a wide range of discounts, high street vouchers and gift cards, online vouchers and cashback offers.
  • NMC contribution and support with revalidation.
  • Computingscheme – Buy the latest technology at no more than the RRP using salary exchange whilst spreading the cost over 12 months.
  • Enhanced Maternity pay in line with NHS.
Our culture

We’re honoured to be home to some of the very best nurses in healthcare. However, we also know we have a duty to not only help maintain their performance but harness their potential, encourage their initiative and – of course – provide them with the confidence and resources to deliver outstanding care.

As such, we have established a collaborative culture, where it’s not simply about working together, it’s about listening to each other, sharing ideas and expertise, exploring new ways of doing things and using our collective strengths to achieve our purpose.

Central to this are the nationally recognised 6Cs of nursing, plus Priory’s 7th C, Consistency. Determining the behaviour of everyone who works with us, these values make us the leading independent provider of mental health services in the UK – and subsequently raise care standards and shape best practice right across the country.

About Priory

The Priory Group is the leading provider of behavioural care in the UK, with an established and unrivalled reputation for delivering a real and lasting difference.

We’re dedicated to helping people improve their health and wellbeing, and do so across four divisions – healthcare, education and children’s services, adult care and older people’s care. Last year alone, we supported the needs of more than 34,000 people, each with the kind of complexities that demand expert care.

About Priory Healthcare

At Priory Healthcare, we set out to deliver outstanding care across all of our specialist areas – Acute Mental Healthcare, Secure, Rehabilitation and Recovery Services, Eating Disorders, Children’s and Adolescents’ Mental Health and Addiction Services. And we’re proud to say, that thanks to the tireless and inspirational contribution of everyone who works here, we have forged an enduring, international standing for delivering clinical excellence. 

Network & leadership

Our purpose is to make a real and lasting difference for everyone we support. It may sound simple, but in reality it’s an incredibly difficult challenge, and one that revolves around the relentless drive, compassion and innovation of our people.

Thanks to their extraordinary work, we now have the largest network of mental health hospitals and clinics in the UK. On top of that we are also a leading provider of specialist secure mental health services – working in partnership with the NHS to provide short, medium and long-term secure care and treatment tailored to the needs of patients who have been sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

What’s more, we’re a growing force in rehabilitation. While we also provide specialist long-term care for people with complex neurological disorders and those with learning difficulties.


Wilfred Yengi – Ward Manager

Why did you choose to join Priory?

After I graduated I worked in SeeAbility Learning Disability home. However, I found out that it didn’t offer me enough focus on Mental Health Nursing, which is what I had trained for. Priory offered me those opportunities when I joined, and still does to this day.

What do you enjoy most about working at Priory?

I know it’s our job to look after patients and help them in their recovery, but people still find time to show their appreciation for what you do. That’s something I really value. I was incredibly proud when my ward won the Priory Pride Award in 2014 for the Quality approach we took to improve our patient treatment plans.

How does Priory foster a culture of innovation?

We continually strive to remain at the forefront of patient care and what I love about Priory is that anyone can contribute. As well as a regular questionnaire, we have a Quality Implementation Committee (QIC) group that meet frequently. People can put forward new ideas and if everyone agrees then there’s a very strong chance it’ll be implemented.

How do you see your role developing in the future?

I joined as a Junior Staff Nurse and have made my way up to Ward Manager. If I wanted to go into a management role I would be supported to do that, but for now I really enjoy the clinical side. The great thing is that it is relatively easy to move into a different specialism, so who knows what the future holds!



Mpho Ndaba – Ward Manager

Where did you work before joining Priory?

Directly before joining Priory I worked in a nursing home, and before that I worked in a prison. I was looking to move back to an environment that was comparable with the secure services/forensic setting, when a friend who worked here suggested I consider joining Priory.

Did anything surprise you about working at Priory?

Having been used to things such as daily patient contact in both my previous roles, I was expecting that to be the same here. But what I quickly found was that we try to encourage independent lifestyles, where our patients are encouraged to own their recovery to an extent. It was a new way of working for me, but I could immediately see how beneficial it was to our patients.

How would you compare your job with Priory to your previous roles?

I’ve stayed here so long because we do things differently. Right from the look and feel of our hospitals, to our dress code, to the way we deal with incidents. I think that’s probably the biggest thing. We use escalation and negotiation skills far more than hands-on techniques. The training is also amazing. It’s training that we can actually come back to the ward and put into practice.

What other support do you receive to do your job to the best of your ability?

An incredible amount. There’s mandatory training; training within other hospitals to gain new perspectives; clinical and management supervision training with my line manager; ward meetings; and appraisals. We also have reflective practice with a psychologist, in which you can talk about anything from challenging patients to day-to-day issues. The aim is to find a way forward and maybe try different approaches to ongoing situations.


Lydia Morrice – Staff Nurse, Adult Acute Ward

Why did you join the Priory Group?

Before I joined I was a student training to be a nurse. I was also working as a Healthcare Support Worker in the NHS, but the opportunity to work directly with patients suffering from alcohol or drug abuse was limited. The specialist nature of Priory let me focus on an area I was really passionate about.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

There’s nothing better than seeing a drastic improvement in someone’s health. Especially as many patients are with us for quite a while. You form a real bond with them. What’s different here is that we’re giving patients the confidence and freedom to take control of their own recovery.

How do you deal with challenging days or situations?

We work with patients with complex backgrounds and some days present their challenges. On challenging days I always talk to the team and we discuss how we can handle situations together. Each member of staff brings their own skills and qualities to the team, some are great at calming patients down and others can make patients laugh. It’s about working together and complimenting each other’s skills.

What does it take to be a great nurse at Priory?

Everybody experiencing mental health disorders is different and have different ways of coping, so working with the patient and empowering them to find ways to enable their recovery is vital. Along with those I would say a strong teamwork ethic – you simply can’t do things alone here – and great communication skills.


Julie Cooper – Ward Manager

How long have you been with the Priory Group?

I actually worked here between 1995-2000 as a Senior Staff Nurse, before going back to the NHS. I thought about coming back a few times and finally made the move last October. Initially I joined as a Staff Nurse in CAMHS, and then became Ward Manager in January. It’s great to be back.

Why did you decide to come back?

There are many reasons, not least the outstanding reputations of the service and the people who work here. We’re a lot smaller than the NHS too, and with that comes a real focus on quality and learning. We are all working towards the same objectives and goals, and are led by a really inspirational leadership team.

What do you consider to be the most important aspects of your role?

Ultimately it’s about delivering a service to patients that will see them progress. Paramount to that is my ability to build a capable and competent team, and use my leadership skills to help them develop the expertise and knowledge they need.

What do you think is the key to being a great nurse at Priory?

We deal with some incredibly complex and enduring disorders, so compassion is a big thing. Varied experience also helps, although Priory are great at giving you the opportunities to learn about different complexities. And finally I’d say leadership skills. As we’re a small team that’s particularly valuable.

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The Priory Group is the leading provider of behavioural care in the UK, with an established and unrivalled reputation for delivering a real and lasting difference.

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